Bye Bye Brows

Hey People!

To execute certain costume looks, you might need to cover or dramatically alter the shape of your eyebrows. Spock, drag queen, alien, female gang member, the list goes on. I recently needed to cover my brows for a costume look, and there are two ways of going about it. The first is using spirit gum and brow wax (like Kryolan’s Eyebrow Plastic). The second is using a glue stick. Youtube has a ton of great videos, but I decided to make my own! Well, really my boyfriend made the video. Anyway, here it is!

For thicker brows, I would really recommend cutting a chunk off the glue stick and smearing it ¬†using a brush or a tiny spatula. I would also use the purple glue instead, so you can keep track of the thickness. Lastly, let the glue dry between layers and before applying concealer. (It’s okay to put the powder on wet brows though).

Happy Costuming!


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